Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Bone Collector Continued... Nick Mundt

Nick Mundt co host of The Bone Collector show also cleaned house. Nick took home a Desert Bighorn Sheep, GIANT Mule Deer, and a nice Coues deer. All three animals were taken on film (credit to Hunter Norris, camera man/producer bone collector crew) and will also be a part of a 2 episode series in season 6. Assisting Nick were guides David Silva (team darkhorn) and George Garcia (team darkhorn). The combined efforts resulted in an outstanding 208 7/8ths mule deer, 96" coues, and a 167" ram. Congrats to Nick on a week of a lifetime in the Sonoran desert!!

Also assisting on the coues buck guides Jeff Smith, Eric Martinez, and not pictured Tony Morales.
HDR photo courtesy of Austin Walker (team Darkhorn)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Michael Waddell and The Bone Collector crew hits it BIG!!!

Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt, Hunter Norris, and Jason Heathcoe traveled south of the border for the sonora slam and boy did they hit it big!! With sheep first on the list the boys wasted no time on their 10 day quest. Here's Michaels awesome ram that he put down with our Western Precision shooting system (500 yard shot)
. Michael was guided by Raul Cordova, Cesar Garcia, and Dave Brown. There to capture phenomenal footage and pics was Jason Heathcoe (Bone Collector crew) and our very own Austin Walker (team Darkhorn). The team put together an awesome show which will be featured on The Bone Collector season 6 tv show on the outdoor channel. Enjoy the pics and be sure to catch the episode to see how the entire hunt played out!!! Keep checking in as we post results of their 10 day Sonora Dark Horn rampage...
                           HDR Photos courtesy of Austin Walker

Friday, May 3, 2013

Patrick Boyer "Northwest Hunter" tv show

   Patrick Boyer traveled south of the border with Sonora Dark Horn Adventures for his annual hunt with us. Northwest Hunter began in 1991 and is the longest airing series in the history of television shows. for more info on Patrick, the crew, and the Northwest Hunter please visit them at www.nwhunter.com.

   Patrick traveled to the Tiburon island with guides Chris Jacobs, Cesar, and Trini. Chris has rapidly come on as one of the most sought after guides on the island. Add local guides Cesar and Trini and you have a team of Mega Ram Killers! Long story short Patrick made his 450+ yard shot with one of our Western Precision Rifles (www.westernprecisionrifles.com) on his massive old broomed off bruiser and put his dream ram on the ground for good.

   After Patrick left the island he traveled to our main land mule deer ranch and met up with Raul Cordova. Raul personally hunted with Patrick along with guide Chapo Juvera. Let's just end with it with a 204" monster ;-)..


Friday, March 1, 2013

Sonora Dark Horn Adventures Now Has a Blog!!

Sonora Dark Horn Adventures is proud to announce the launch of it's official blog!!! We will keep you up to date on all the harvests, pics, stories, and much more. We are very pleased with these last years hunts and we're extremely excited to now share them with all of our SDHA fans. We are completely dedicated to pleasing our clients, viewers, and fans'. Hopefully you enjoy all the efforts that the team will put forth into bringing a quality and fun blog. Keep up to date with exclusive SDHA news and be sure to add us to your favorites list. We appreciate and welcome you all!!! See you in Sonora!!!